PG 03 – Gas Gas EC 250 300 2018 2019 PIPE ENGINE DIFFUSER GUARD gasgas 2T

660.00 brutto

artafon PG 03 – PIPE DIFFUSER AND ENGINE GUARD  Gas Gas EC 250 300 2018 2019

4 fixing points – 2 steel handles at the back, aluminum handle with two screws at the front.

Internal brackets positioning the guard  in the correct position relative to the diffuser, frame and engine.
Lightweight, tailored to the shape of the diffuser and frame, so as not to accumulate mud and stones.
Large drain hole at the lowest point.
All double sided welds.
Made of reinforced aluminum PA11 / AlMg3 / 4mm thick
Fits only with the OEM diffuser, not bent and distorted / destroyed
Protects the diffuser, caps, starter and engine.